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语音 找出一个划线部分与其他三个发音不同的单

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语音 找出一个划线部分与其他三个发音不同的单词

1.A. flat B. Japan C. actor D. map

2.A. eats B. beaches C. brushes D. washes

3.A. says B. grades C. take D. late

4.A. makes B. hopes C. caps D. finds

5.A. animals B. walks C. always D. buys

6.A. loves B. jumps C. goes D. runs

1.B 2.A 3.A 4.D 5.B 6.B 【解析】 1.本题考查字母a在单词中的发音。flat中字母a发/ ?/, Japan中字母a发/?/, actor中字母a发/ ?/, map 中字母a发/ ?/,故选B。 2.本题考查s或es在单词中的发音。eats中字母s发/s/, beaches中字母组合es发/iz/, brushes中字母组合...
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    科目:初中英语 来源:2018年秋期八升九年级英语入学检测试卷 题型:补全短文5选5



    It’s not polite to laugh at those people__________ _________.


    I’m sure more and more people will__________ _________smoking because of health.


    Experts suggest that parents should communicate with their children_____ ____.


    If you want to know the meaning of this word, just__________it__________ in the dictionary.

    5.(2016·常州中考) David是—个如此诚实的人,以至于他从不撒谎。

    David is__________ an honest man___________he never tells a lie.


    If you want to learn English well, don’t be afraid of__________ ____________.


    This weekend I am going fishing__________ __________playing soccer.


    Kevin__________a red scarf_______his mother on Mother's Day.


    The__________words you have in your minds, the__________your English will be.


    We should________ more ___________ to traditional culture.

    1. in trouble 2. give up 3. in person 4. look up 5. such that 6. making mistakes 7. instead of 8. bought for 9. more better 10. pay attention 【解析】 1.in trouble处在困境中,处在...


    科目:初中英语 来源:江苏省2017-2018年度7年级上学期英语7A Unit3单元检测卷 题型:单选题

    --- __________ your brother a member of the football team?

    --- No, he __________like playing football.

    A. Does; is B. Do; doesn't C. Is; doesn't D. Is; don't

    C 【解析】 句意:——你弟弟是这个足球队的队员吗?——不,他不喜欢踢足球。考查一般疑问句和一般现在时。根据题干:--- ___ your brother a member of the football team?--- No, he ____like playing football.可知,第一句话中缺少系动词,be a member of某个组织的一员,因此变为一般疑问时将be ...


    科目:初中英语 来源:2017年广州市初一上册Unit 2单元测试卷 题型:阅读单选



    Alice is from ________. She teaches _______ in a _______ ______ ________.


    George is an active boy at school, and he ________ ________ ________ many after-school activities.


    We have ____ _______ _______ every Mid-autumn Festival evening.


    My grandfather gets up at 6 every day. And then he ______ _______ _______ .


    My parents usually go to visit my grandma _____ _____ ______ ______ ______.

    1. Germany German junior high school 2. takes part in 3. a good time 4. does morning exercises 5. once or twice a week 【解析】 1.be from意为“来自…”,其后加国家的话用表示国家的名词,德国是Germany,首字母要大写。第二空表示“德...


    科目:初中英语 来源:2017年广州市初一上册Unit 2单元测试卷 题型:单选题

    He ________ to school because his home is far away from his school.

    A. seldom walk B. seldom walks C. always walk D. always walks

    B 【解析】 句意:他很少走路去上学因为他家离学校很远。seldom是频度副词,意为“很少”,always是频度副词,意为“总是”,动词walk意为“走路,步行”。后半句说他家离学校远,所以他应该很少步行上学,排除CD,这里是陈述一件事实,用一般现在时,主语是He,是第三人称单数主语,所以谓语动词应使用三单形式walks,故选B。


    科目:初中英语 来源:安徽省六安市2017-2018学年七年级上学期期末考试英语试卷 题型:阅读单选

    Ken’s Timetable





    9:10 a.m.




    10:20 a.m.




    11:15 a.m.



    2:00 p.m.


    3:00 p.m.


    1.What class does Ken have at 2:00 p.m. on Thursday ?

    A. Chinese. B. P.E. C. History . D. Math .

    2.On Thursday , he has a Chinese class at ______.

    A. 9:10 a.m. B. 10:20 a.m. C. 2:00 p.m. D. 3:00 p.m.

    3.He has ______ classes in a week.

    A. ten B. eleven C. twelve D. thirteen

    4.When does Ken have a P.E. Class?

    A. On Tuesday. B. On Wednesday. C. On Friday. D. On Monday.

    1.A 2.C 3.A 4.D 【解析】 本文介绍了Ken一周的课程表。他在星期一,星期三,星期四和星期五有课。 1.A 细节理解题。根据表格中2:00 p.m. Chinese可知Ken在星期四下午2点上语文课,故选A。 2.C 细节理解题。根据表格中2:00 p.m. Chinese可知Ken在星期四下午2点上语文课,故选C。 3.A...


    科目:初中英语 来源:安徽省六安市2017-2018学年七年级上学期期末考试英语试卷 题型:单选题

    My parents want me ______ English every day.

    A. to read B. reading C. reads D. to reading

    A 【解析】 句意:我的父母想让我每天读英语。 want sb to do sth想要某人做某事,故用动词不定式to read,故选A。


    科目:初中英语 来源:人教九年级第12单元测试卷 题型:完型填空

    A teacher had been made very angry by some of his boys making a high sound during school hours. At last he was forced to____any one who should repeat the wrong act. The next morning, a loud sound was heard in the quiet room. The students were very much surprised, and the teacher at once looked around to_____the person who had made a high sound.

    When a boy who was often in bad act, was told he was wrong, he_______said he hadn’t done it, yet his words were not believed, and he was brought up for punishment. Seeing what was about to take place, Charles, a little boy, got up suddenly from his_____“Don’t punish John, air. I made the high sound. I’m very sorry, I didn't mean to whistle.” He held out his hand to be punished. Taking the little boy’s____, the teacher said “ Charles, you have done right. I can't punish you after you____so nobly.” Even the youngest child in the school felt_____of Charles, for every child could see how bravely he had acted.

    Charles was truly a brave boy. He had done______he knew to be right. True courage may also be shown by_____to do that which we know to be wrong,_____bad people may laugh at us,

    1.A. punish B. praise C. fix D. hurt

    2.A. hide B. discover C. pay D. wake

    3.A. actively B. aloud C. strongly D. softly

    4.A. bag B. board C. desk D. seat

    5.A. hair B. arm C. finger D. hand

    6.A. have given B. have run C. have acted D. have fallen

    7.A. afraid B. proud C. sure D. careful

    8.A. what B. which C. who D. when

    9.A. refusing B. continuing C. dreaming D. wanting

    10.A. but B. though C. after D. until

    1.A 2.B 3.C 4.D 5.D 6.C 7.B 8.A 9.A 10.B 【解析】 试题短文大意:该文叙述了一个名叫查理斯的小男孩在教室承认自己犯的错误,要求老师惩罚。老师没有惩罚他,而是称赞了他勇于承认错误的勇气。真正的勇气可能是在坏人嘲笑我们,我们仍通过拒绝做自己认为错的事展示出来的。 1. 2. 3....


    科目:初中英语 来源:福建省2016-2017学年八年级下学期第二次月考英语试卷 题型:单选题

    Who cooks _______, Maria, Kangkang and Tom?

    A. successfully B. more successfully C. most successfully

    C 【解析】 句意:谁做饭最成功,Maria, Kangkang 和 Tom? A. successfully 成功地,原形 ; B. more successfully 比较成功地 ,比较级 ; C. most successfully最成功地,最高级。三者之间进行比较,要用最高级。故正确答案选C。


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