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1. The result showed that upon excitation compound C3 could form its intramolecular charge transfer state easily and furthermore transform to a twisted intramolecular charge transfer state accompanying with a very la.

2. La

2. It leads Mr. Blank not to write verses at all—which he might very well do, for the sake of his own happiness, and for the amusement of his friends—and it leads Miss Dash to pester the overworked editors of various journals with her unsuccessful imitations of Mr. de la Mare, [2] Mr. Yeats[3], and Dr.

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3. Those who want beauty and something unique can go to Seychelles`La Digue Island.

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4. The mechanisms for the directional migration and formation of rare earth oxysulfide were discussed.

5. Milan model art group, Gruppo di modello di Milano, Milan model group, atMilan's La Scala Theater west side etc

6. She had met Fernand at the corner of the Rue de la Loge

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7. Ma la situazione migratoria, ed in particolare quella dei bambini, è in continua evoluzione.

8. Riconosco l`impegno dei giornalai, ma a volte si fanno prendere la mano (che non è quella nascosta di prima).

9. This name of Brujon is one of the souvenirs of La Force.

10. But, I am going back to China on June 15 lo, so I can see my dear dady and mami, I know they misssssss me soooooo much and I miss them as well......Dady, Mami, I am coming la....hehe

11. This study was to explore the inhibitory effect of angiogenesis inhibitor Suramin in combination with cisplatin on the growth and lung metastasis of lung adenocarcinoma LA795 cell xenografts in mice.

12. Effect of stoichiometric ratioof organic fuel to oxidizer on structures and catalytic activities of the catalysts were studied.

13. Personalmente con l'amaro in bocca per i due punti'persi'e per la mia prestazione parzialmente soddisfatto, un po'meglio dal punto di vista dell'intesa con i compagni, un po'deluso per il fatto che abbiamo preso ancora una volta gol e in qualita'di centrocampista difensivo la cosa non mi fa piacere.

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14. La Porta, Lopez-de-Silanes, Shleifer and Vishny found that investor protection in common law countries is better than the one in civil law countries.
La Porta、Lopez-de-Silanes、Shleifer和Vishny发现英美普通法系国家的投资者保护水平高于大陆法系国家,并探讨了法律起源的不同造成投资者保护不同的原因及其对资本市场、公司治理等方面的影响;Levine等人研究了投资者法律保护对金融发展和经济增长等领域的影响。

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15. The fill record of the proceedings was known only to the king, the ministers Colbert and Louvois, and La Reynie.
诉讼记录被称为填补只有国王,部长们科尔伯特和Louvois,和La Reynie。

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16. Others came after them, and in such numbers that in the following year (1113) Cteaux was able to send forth its first colony and found its first filiation, La Ferté, in the Diocese of Chlons.
另一些后,并在这些数字,在下一年度( 1113 ) Cteaux能够发出的第一块殖民地,并发现其第一次亲子关系,堡,在教区沙隆。

17. Results: Until 2005, the allocation volume of CT was 164, and MRI was 95, DSA...

18. These studies improve the knowledge of the ground state of La1-xSrxCoO3 system.

19. There are also serious side (sonagraph will be a tie-breaker on the Mexican film La engages with a blank line in the past business card printing and membership card producers are often mistaken for seihan), also because of business card printing and membership card making ink ink film edge of the surface tension and the surface tension in the middle part of the low surface tension, innovativeink solocircumnavigation unsustainableboost to make the edge of the ink thickness.

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20. Oscar de la Tenta taupe crocheted cardigan with front tie and strapless embroidered gown with sweetheart neckline; Bergdorf Goodman.
Oscar de la Tenta灰褐色前面系带钩针编织开襟羊毛衫,无吊带心形领口刺绣礼服Bergdorf Goodman。

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